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Hall of unique exhibits

The hall of unique exhibits in the Museum was opened in 2019. It can be fully called the open storeroom of our Museum. Here are highly artistic objects created by ancient masters from the bronze age to the beginning of the XX century.

The bulk of the exhibits in this hall belong to the early iron age, when the steppe expanses of Eurasia were inhabited by nomadic populations. The flourishing of a bright cultural phenomenon in the life of nomadic communities, "animal style" in the performance of a wide variety of subjects, is a phenomenon of fine art of the population of Eurasia. Items made by craftsmen in nomadic communities have a unique appearance and specific plot aspects.

In the manufacture of gold and gilded objects of decorative and applied nature, several methods were used: casting, stamping, plating, inlay, etc. For example, such a decorative element as grain-the smallest balls attached to the surface of products, was known in our region in the VI century BC.

Also, the masters of the era achieved great art in the artistic processing of bone and horn. Carving on these materials is a characteristic feature of local masters of zoomorphic art.