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«Ақтөбенің ақпарат әлемі»



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Hall "History of Aktobe region in 1945-1991"

The exhibition hall introduces the political, economic, social and cultural development of the Aktobe region from 1945 to 1991.
The region was a leader in the development of agriculture and industry in the Republic. Many countrymen became Heroes of Socialist Labor.
The pride of Aktobe land is famous scientists in various branches of science. Among them are T. Basenov, I. Karakulov, S. Baishev, G. Makirov, B. Suleimenov, A. Kuanyshev, S. Balmukhanov, R. Syzdykova, A. Nurlybaev, A. Takenov, M. Tulegenov and others.
The first Kazakh professional composer, academician A. Zhubanov, composer, Professor G. Zhubanova, the first Kazakh dancer-ballerina N. Tapalova, singer R. Zhamanova, Actresses A. Ruzheva and B. Zhangalieva, folk poet-improviser, storyteller N. Baiganin, prominent writers and poets M. Kurmanalin, I. Mambetov, S. zhienbayev, E. Duysenbayev, G. Akhmedov, T. Akhtanov, G. Shangytbayev, R. Kanakhin, T. Zharmagambetov et al. they have made an invaluable contribution to the development of the country's culture.
There are also materials about working trips to the Aktobe region of the state and public figure D. Kunaev. Military T. Zhalmagambetov, K. Zhumabayev, K. Serikbayev made a great contribution to the military Affairs of Kazakhstan.
The exposition "Cosmos" gives information about our countryman pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union V.Patsayev and Kazakh cosmonauts. In 1984, the Museum Fund was expanded with models of the Soyuz-11 and Solyut-6 spaceships specially assembled in Moscow.