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«Ақтөбенің ақпарат әлемі»



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Hall of the "Kazakh khanate"

Aktobe region, which occupies a special place in the history of our people, has long been a region of prosperity and development of such qualities of the Kazakh people as heroism, the Institute of Biy, oratory and poetic talent.

Based on the creation of subject-exposition hall "Kazakh khanate" lay down the details about history formation of the Kazakh khanate, development of domestic and foreign policy, materials of history `the Patriotic war`  in the XVII-XVIII centuries against Jungar-Kalmyk invasion. National liberation uprisings of the XIX century, against the colonial policy of the tsarist government. Valuable exhibits and documentary sources about Kazakh leaders, batyrs and generals played an important role in the development of the hall's exposition.

In the exhibition hall, you can see original exhibits, including the chain mail of prominent Kazakh figures such as Buzhyr Batyr and Eset  Batyr. Valuable and most important exhibits of the Museum are anthropological reconstructions of the appearance of Karakypshak Koblanda Batyr, Aiteke bi Baibekuly and Khan Abulkhair, restored on the basis of a skull. Battle chain mail, brass bowl and wooden ladle Khan's Abilgazy. Photos of Batyr ESET Kotibaruly published in the magazine "Russian art leaf" and made during the deputation of Kazakhs of the Western region in 1859 in the city of Saint Petersburg.

In 1973 Noel Shayakhmetov based on anthropological reconstruction of the skull restored the appearance of Makhambet Utemisov. The reconstruction is also presented in the exhibition hall.