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Hall "the history of the region in the years 1869-1940»

Since the middle of the XIX century, the colonial policy of the tsarist government has moved to the next stage. A new management system is being introduced and administrative reforms are being implemented. For their implementation, military fortifications are being built on the ground. The first temporary fortifications were built during the Khiva campaign of General Perovsky in 1839, these are Akbulak (Shoshkakol) and Emba. Later they established permanent military fortifications, in 1845. Ural (Irgiz), in 1848 Fort Karabutak, and in 1869 Aktyubinsk and Uil.

The exhibition hall introduces visitors to the history of the region from the Foundation of the future city of Aktobe to 1940. For the most complete coverage of it, there are plans of fortresses from the archives of Moscow and Orenburg, materials about the opening of parish and rural schools in the counties. About the first professional doctor Kazakh Mukhamedzhan Karabayev (1858-1928) about the first doctor woman Akkagaz Doszhanova, about the opening of the first schools in Aktobe and the development of public education.

In 1867, the first exchange trade was held on the banks of the Uil river, later the famous Kokzhar fair. The hall also contains information about the construction of the Orenburg-Tashkent railway. Materials and personal belongings of deputies of the state Duma Alpysbay Kalmenov and Bakhytzhan Karatayev, the national liberation uprising of 1916, the history of the party "Alash", the activities of the leaders of the Western branch of "Alash Orda" - Halel and Zhahanshi Dosmukhamedov and Aktobe figures and supporters of the party. About the hotbed of the civil war, the establishment of Soviet power, the famine of 1921-1922 and 1932-1933, the policy of collectivization and industrialization. About mass repressions of 1930-1950, innocent victims of which were the great sons of the Kazakh people U. Kulumbetov (1891-1938), T. Zhurgenov (1898-1938), T. Zhamanmurynov (1888-1938), K. Zhubanov (1899-1938), T. Shonanov (1894-1938), M. Ataniyazov (1899-1945), etc.